Runaway Romany

Runaway Romany

Runaway Romany


“Inky” Ames, theatrical press agent, through a fictitious story makes it appear that Anitra St. Clair, an actress, is the long lost daughter of Theodore True, the copper king. True accepts the actress as his daughter, and they, in answer to a telegram from Bud Haskel, representative in the west, decide to go westward immediately to inspect a newly-discovered copper mine. Bud Haskel is, incidentally, volunteer “school master” to the flower of a gypsy camp, Romany. The girl is loved by Zinga, son of the gypsy chief. Upon her father’s threat to wed her to Zinga, Romany seeks the help of Bud, who aids her to escape. Zinga suspects Bud of conniving at Romany’s escape and follows him constantly. Irking under the restraints of her new life, Anitra decides to give her former gayeties a whirl and finds in True’s nephew Hobart, a willing assistant. She incurs the enmity of “Inky,” who resolves to put True wise to the fact that the actress is not really his daughter. Romany, with the broader … Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

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